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SEO specialists, Web designers, Webmasters and Developers

ExtendsClass is a free online toolbox, with simple tools to make developing and webmastering.

Free tools for SEO specialists, web designers and webmasters

ExtendsClass's tools allow you to optimize and manage your websites.

Google search

Other available tools

Developer tools

ExtendsClass provides tools directly usable in a browser. It saves you from having to install add-ons to your browser in order to add features.

These tools allow to test REST & SOAP APIs, but also to query SQLite databases.

Code editor

Encoders and Decoders

Tools for web developers, in order to encode images or convert XML / JSON.

Include encoders, decoders, converter, validators, and code minifiers.

Convert document

The tools are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.