Case converter


This tool allows you to format text to upper, lower, proper and sentence case. You can download formatted text.

Copy and paste, drag and drop a text file or directly type in the editor below.
Finally, click on the button corresponding to the conversion you want.

Your text will not be transmitted over the network, it remains exclusively in your browser.

User guide

How to change the capitalization or case of text:

Step 1 - You can drag and drop, or directly type in the editor in order to format your text.

Step 2 - Click on buttons to format your text.

Step 3 - You can copy to clipboard or download the desired result by clicking on the "Download" and "Copy to clipboard" buttons.

Here is a list of transformations that are made available to you by this text case converter:

Proper case

Each of the first letters of every word being capitalized.

Lower case

A unicase style with no capital letters.

Upper case

A unicase style with only capital letters.

Sentence case

A mixed-case style in which the first word of the sentence is capitalised.
This conversion is the most appropriate when trying to correct the case of a text.

Why change the case of a text?

Maybe you made case errors when writing a document, or you recovered text from a corrupt or badly formatted email or PDF.There must be other reasons ...

This online case converter allow you to convert blocks of text into any case in seconds. This automation should save you tedious manual work that can take a lot of time for long texts.

If for you, an interesting text transformation is missing, you can indicate it in a comment to let me know.

You can report a bug or give feedback by adding a comment (below) or by clicking "Contact me" link (at the top right hand corner of the page).