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Keyword position checker

This tool allows you to check your position in search engine results on Bing.

It's a useful tool for webmasters, which will automatically query Bing's search engine for you.

This tool is an alpha version. The results are not yet very good.

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About google

Google proxy supports searching on Google. But since year 2016, all the Google proxies are blacklisted, so this tool can not return results from Google.

That is why this tool only displays the results of bing.

About keyword rank checker

Keyword position checker allows you to see up to date your Bing position in real time for your domain and keywords. This SERP rank checker that is totally free.

This online tool connects to the bing search engine, via proxy, to let you see how your keywords rank. It is a very basic tool, it only makes one request. Moreover, when you choose a country, the request is not made from this country, but we simply indicate to bing that we want the results of this country (it can potentially return different results).

In this first version of the tool, only one bing server is queried to obtain the result.

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