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Free seo website analysis tool

Enter the URL of your website and see how optimized it

This tool allows to make a SEO analysis of your website. The website analysis report can help you to increase organic traffic.

This tool can evaluate your internal and external links, meta information and page content in order to improve your website's on-page SEO.
The analysis report contains:

  • HTTP response status codes (200, 301, 404...)
  • The page depth metric
  • The internal links and anchors
  • The title tags too long or too short
  • The meta descriptions too long or too short
  • The Hn tags too long
  • The contents too short
  • A Keywords cloud
  • A check of the robots.txt file
  • A check of the sitemap files

This tool is a beta version, and it will be improved little by little, we will add new features and improve the results. Limitations of this tool:

  • The number of pages analyzed is limited to 500
  • The robots.txt file is not consider
  • Only pages with 'text/html' and 'application/xhtml+xml' content type are consider
  • No informations about download time (CSS, javascript, image, ...)

User guide

  • Enter the website URL to analyze
  • Click on the button "Analyze website" to launch analyze.

The scan may take several minutes.

About the results

The report that will be generated will allow you to:

  • Have the detail of the technical errors still present on your website
  • Have an exhaustive list of your URLs, with for each: depth level, title and meta description
  • Have the URLS with title, meta description or content too short

You can report a bug or give feedback by adding a comment (below) or by clicking "Contact us" link (at the top right hand corner of the page).


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