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Welcome to the AI revolution! In this blog, we explore AI’s development, implications, and tools, uncovering its potential.

AI: A revolution for IT support?

Artificial intelligence has the potential to transform many sectors, and IT support is no exception! AI tools can automate tasks, provide data analysis, and offer personalized support, thereby improvi...

Leveraging AI for Small Business Growth

No one can deny that one of the most exciting developments in recent years is artificial intelligence. AI used to seem like something only big companies with huge budgets could afford. But now, its ca...

Overview of AI Video Generators

The automation of video creation was still considered science fiction not too long ago. Today, thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, it is now possible to produce quality videos. In this ...

AIID: The database of AI incidents

AI Incident Database (AIID) is a true collective memory cataloging bugs, crashes, and other AI incidents. It already lists over 1000 cases! Some are relatively harmless, while others have more signifi...