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FrankenPHP: The Modern Php App Server, written in Go

Are you tired of juggling multiple PHP frameworks for different projects? Do you wish there was a way to combine the best features of your favorite frameworks into one cohesive and versatile tool?

FrankenPHP is unfortunately not yet the ultimate solution, it is still tagged as very experimental 🙁

Fingers crossed that it will one day be usable in production; in the meantime, we can play with it.

What is FrankenPHP?

FrankenPHP is a modern application server for PHP built on top of the Caddy web server.

Key features:

  • Early Hints: Using Early Hints can improve the load time of your web pages by 30%.
  • Worker mode: Boot your application once and keep it in memory. FrankenPHP will handle incoming requests in a few milliseconds.
  • Real-time capabilities: FrankenPHP comes with a built-in Mercure hub! Mercure allows to push event in real-time to all the connected devices: they will receive instantly a JavaScript event.
  • Easy to Dockerize
  • Automatic HTTPS, HTTP/2 and HTTP3

How to Get Started with FrankenPHP

Getting started with FrankenPHP is easy;

docker run -v $PWD:/app/public \
    -p 80:80 -p 443:443 \

Go to https://localhost, and enjoy!


FrankenPHP is an exciting and unconventional approach to PHP web development, offering the best of multiple worlds in a single framework. While it’s still in its early stages, its potential to simplify the lives of PHP developers and streamline web development workflows is promising.

Waiting to see if a stable and production usable version will be released soon (or not).

Github: FrankenPhp

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