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Number of header rows to copy into each split file

This tool allows you to split large CSV files into smaller files based on :

  • A number of lines of split files
  • A size of split files

There is no limit on the size of files to split. The only constraints are the browser, your computer and the unoptimized code of this tool.

The separator is auto-detected. In case of concern, indicate it in a comment.

Your CSV files are not sent to our servers. Your data is processed directly in your browser. Your data therefore does not pass through the network.

User guide:

How to split large CSV file online:

  • Drag and drop or browse your CSV file
  • Choose how the CSV file is split
  • Click on "Split CSV" button

Why split CSV files ?

A CSV (comma separated values) is used to store data in a plain text file. There are one or more fields on each row separated by commas. Each rows a the same fields (potentially empty). It is a fairly common data format, it is sometimes used when exporting data from a database. The CSV file format is supported by almost all spreadsheets. It can be used to share, move data. Despite the rise of the JSON format, the CSV format is still used quite often.

The CSV format has several advantages, for example it is very concise and takes up less space than the JSON and XML formats. Then, it is very readable, we immediately see the data that are associated (on the same line), and if the length of the data is fixed, we can easily compare the different values of a given field.

The separator can change. For example, sometimes a tabulation is used, but in this case, these files are called TSV (tab separated values).

Some systems are limited in terms of the size of data they can process. In this case, it is then necessary to split the CSV files so that they are processed.

In other cases, the limitation is at the level of the sending of the data (although a compressed CSV normally takes up little space, the text being easily compressed).

Finally, sometimes you want to extract a preview of the data in order to visualize the data or to share it with other people.

For all these reasons (and probably others), it may be necessary to split and reduce the size of CSV files. This online tool should be sufficient to manage these scenarios.

we also have other tools available to manipulate CSV files. If you need the reverse of this tool, we have a CSV file merge tool. If you need to edit your CSV, like change separators, swap columns, our online CSV editor is for you :)

This is a beta CSV split tool, if you detect an anomaly, please indicate it in a comment.

If you think of new features, you can add a comment to introduce them.

You can report a bug or give feedback by adding a comment (below) or by clicking "Contact me" link (at the top right hand corner of the page).


THis is excellent tool