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Using the example of the highest-grossing Hollywood films (as well as those that, despite the presence of “A” category actors in the leading roles, did not gain worldwide fame), we can see that without an experienced director, they would hardly have achieved popularity. The same rules apply to other areas where complex products and/or services are launched.

Thus, this thesis can justifiably be applied to companies that are going to create a digital solution – even if they manage to gather the best developers with pumped-up hard skills necessary for the implementation of the project, they will still need some “Moses” who will lead them in the right direction.

An Alternative to the Services of an Expensive Specialist Already Exists

Just a few years ago, virtual CTO services could raise a lot of doubts because despite the constantly growing number of software solutions for remote interaction, teams, especially small ones, seemed to have a more comfortable option of working in the same office. 

However, along with many bad things, the COVID-19 pandemic has also done good ones – namely, it has forced businesses everywhere to reconsider their established practices and beliefs about remote collaboration. In this regard, the CTO as a Service format has gained a new round of popularity.

In fact, CTO as Service is not much different from when you hire a specialist for this position in your office. So, if your team needs supervision from a technical expert for eight hours every day throughout the work week, you’ll get it. However, such measures are rarely mandatory, and, in practice, the number of hours when you may need CTO service is much less.

At the same time, whichever of these two options you choose, you still achieve economic efficiency – at least due to the absence of the need to organize a new workplace, pay associated taxes, and adhere to competitive rates typical of your local labor market. If we add to this the reduction in time required to find a person with the necessary CTO skills (in the case of cooperation with a contractor, this usually takes no more than two weeks), we get benefits only.

Thus, the problem of finding cost-effective solutions comes down to finding a contractor company, which you will simply have to answer in detail the question: “What is CTO in business for you?”

Final Thoughts

Summarizing the above, we can conclude that for teams seeking a balance between the level of CTO qualifications and the cost of services, the remote collaboration model is best suited. At the same time, finding a trusted contractor who will take into account all your CTO requirements and select the appropriate specialist for you can be a real challenge. 

That is why we are here and ready to make our contribution to your project today. Contact us right now, and we will find you a real professional with advanced CTO skills to lead your team to success.

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