XML formatter online


This free online XML editor allows to easily validate, minify, beautify, escape and format XML file.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this XML editor.

User guide

This tool is an easy to use XML formatter.

  • XML to one line:

    You must click on "Minify" button to minify your XML.

  • XML to human-readable:

    You must click on "Beautify" button to convert your XML to something readable.

  • Fill XML editor:

    In order to fill the XML editor, you can:

    • Copy and paste your XML string.
    • Drag and drop your XML file.
    • Directly type in the editor.
    • Browse your XML file (Clicks on "Browse" button).
    • Retrieve your XML file from a URL(Clicks on "Load XML from URL" button).
      If the URL is secure ("https") and CORS is activated then there is not size limit for the file!Otherwise, the limit is 1 Mo because we must retrieve your file from server side.
  • Copy formatted XML:

    You can also copy the result to the clipboard by clicking on the button "Copy to clipboard".

  • Download formatted XML:

    You can click on "Download" button in order to download the formatted XML.

  • Escape XML:

    You can click on "Escape" button in order to escape XML.
    It makes the following replacements:

    • ' is replaced with '
    • " is replaced with "
    • < is replaced with &lt;
    • > is replaced with &gt;
    • & is replaced with &amp;

  • Unescape XML:

    You can click on "Unescape" button in order to unescape XML. See "Escape XML" section above for replacements.

  • XML validator:

    As soon as the editor contains your XML data, the syntax of it is automatically checked (Well formed).

XML Tool

This utility is a XML parser online, it contains several functionnalities:

  • XML beautifier online

    Unformatted xml string are difficult to read, it is not easy to find the information we are looking for in a stream on a single line or poorly indented.

    This online xml editor tool allows you to easily read XML string!

    It can also help you edit XML string, it has the function of autocomplete XML tag.

    It is also a SOAP Formatter which helps to beautify ugly SOAP request and SOAP response.

  • XML minifier online

    This utility also allows to convert XML to string online.

About XML

XML (eXtensible Markup Language) is a markup language which is a software and hardware independent tool for storing and transporting data, and it is designed to be self-descriptive. XML has been created to facilitate the exchange of data.

XML describes data in ways that are understandable to both men and machines.

XML allows you to create your own vocabulary with a set of rules and customizable tags.

XML is a W3C Recommendation.

There are 5 pre-defined entity references in XML:

  • <: &lt; (less than)
  • >: &gt; (greater than)
  • &: &amp; (ampersand)
  • ': &apos; (apostrophe)
  • ": &quot; (quotation mark)

Despite the advent of new formats, the XML format is still widely used, we will still need an XML formatter for a few years :)

Load XML From URL
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