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JSON Formatter

This tool allows to beautify (pretty), minify and validate JSON code.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this JSON Formatter tool.

User guide

  • How to beautify JSON:
    Click on the "Beautify" button to beautify JSON code. It allows to easily read JSON string by human beings.
  • How to minify JSON:
    Click on the "Minify" button to minify data. This minifier removes whitespace and new line.
  • How to validate JSON:
    There is nothing to do! As soon as you edit the JSON in the editor, it is automatically parser to validate its syntax! In case of error, it indicates where the problem is located.
  • How to edit / change JSON:
    Copy and paste or directly type in the editor above. You can also upload a file containing the json code to validate (Click on the "Browse" button).
  • How to recover formatted or minified JSON:
    Click on "Download" button to download the editor content.
    Click on "Copy to clipboard" button to copy the editor content to the clipboard.

JSON parser online

This JSON parser tool was created to help debug JSON. JSON strings are not often very readable for a human (without line breaks), especially if they are bulky. This tool allows to easily read and debug JSON by human.

This tool is also a JSON checker: You can check JSON online without any click.

You can also minify your JSON (The opposite of pretty JSON, it removes all unnecessary characters).

With this tool, it is fast and simple, just fill in the editor, and click on the button of the desired action. There is no need for installation or registration!

If you want compare REST API Responses, you can use our Online JSON diff tool.

About JSON

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open-standard format for storing and transporting data, it was derived from JavaScript object notation syntax. JSON is often used for asynchronous browser–server communication.

JSON became a very common format, many programming languages include code to generate and parse JSON-format data.

JSON format is sometimes used for configuration files.

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