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Cli-GPT: command line tool that uses GPT to translate text into executable commands

cli-gpt is a command line tool that uses the capabilities of the GPT language model to convert natural language text into executable commands. By using cli-gpt, you can interact with your computer using plain English and accomplish tasks swiftly and effectively, without having to memorize complicated commands.

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git clone --recurse-submodules 

cmake --build . --target install

export OPENAI_API_KEY=<your openai api key>

How to use it ?

Just run the cli-gpt command with as parameter what you want to do

cli-gpt <explain what you want to do>

Example of creating a file containing a random number:

Cli-GPT appears extremely valuable for individuals who only utilize the command prompt on occasion. When you infrequently execute commands, it can be challenging to recall them. However, with cli-gpt, no more hassle!

Repository of the project on Github: cli-gpt.

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