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This tool allows you to compare text files and string compare online. You can easily find the differences between two texts.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this Text diff tool.

First text document to compare

Second text document to compare

text comparison

First text document

Second text document

User guide

This tool allows to compare two text files.

You can copy and paste text (by pressing ctrl+a, and after ctrl+c), drag and drop a text file or directly type in the editors above, and they will be automatically compared! No need to click a button! You can also load a file with its URL (Clicks on "Load file from URL" button).

You can also directly compare two text files by specifying their urls in the GET parameters url1 and url2.
Example: https://extendsclass.com/text-compare.html?url1=https://extendsclass.com/mock/rest/3b3aea6de65f5bd7576a1079bf9b6ec5/sample1.txt&url2=https://extendsclass.com/mock/rest/3b3aea6de65f5bd7576a1079bf9b6ec5/sample2.txt

The text diff will be highlight in green.
Click the "Copy to Clipboard" button to copy all of the text with the differences highlighted in green / orange.

You can navigate to next / previous difference:

  • Clicks on "Next diff" button in order to go to the Next difference
  • Clicks on "Previous diff" button in order to go to the Previous difference

Online text diff tool

File comparison can be difficult, this diff checker will lets you easily compare text files online! Indeeed it can be helpful to compare two text documents (for example to see what has changed in a text).

Your two files will be displayed side by side along, and differences will be highlighted, so you can easily find out the differences between two texts. There are links that lets you go from one difference to another.

Your documents remain confidential and private, they stay on your computer, they are not sent on the server side.

This utility uses https://github.com/kpdecker/jsdiff library.

Why compare texts?

Sometimes, it may be useful to compare two versions of the same document, to see what has changed, and to determine if these changes are relevant or not.

Load Text From URL
You can report a bug or give feedback by adding a comment (below) or by clicking "Contact me" link (at the top right hand corner of the page).


Garry Lowther-2019-06-25 07:26
I'd like to use your site using URL parameters e.g. https://extendsclass.com/text-compare?url1=https://api.trisys.co.uk/apex/custom/opus-laboris-recruitment/boom.js&url2=https://api.trisys.co.uk/apex/custom/opus-laboris-recruitment/main.js Is this possible? Kind Regards, Garry.

Cyril (admin)-2019-07-21 19:22
This is not possible now. But this feature seems good to me, I add it to my roadmap. Kind regards,

Cyril (admin)-2019-08-17 20:46
It is now possible :) Example of url: https://extendsclass.com/text-compare.html?url1=https://extendsclass.com/mock/rest/3b3aea6de65f5bd7576a1079bf9b6ec5/sample1.txt&url2=https://extendsclass.com/mock/rest/3b3aea6de65f5bd7576a1079bf9b6ec5/sample2.txt

Phil-2020-01-22 21:05
Hello, Great site & thank you for providing this.
Any chance of making it possible to copy the compared text (with the highlighted differences) into an email to share with someone else?
It would be useful if the highlight is 'transferable'.
Thank you

Cyril (Admin)-2020-01-22 22:38
Hello, this feature is interesting, I added a "Copy to clipboard" button to copy all of the text with the differences highlighted in green.. Thank you!

Steffan-2021-06-01 10:12
Any chance you can add the option to provide the two texts to be compared as urlencoded strings via a GET parameter ?