Online Tools
for developers and webmasters

ExtendsClass is a free online toolbox for developers and webmasters! It saves you from having to install add-ons to your browser in order to add features.

This website helps developers by providing them with free online tools. These tools not only include encoders, decoders, converter, validators, and code minifiers, but also sql interpreter, SOAP/REST Client, Mock REST API ...

To help the webmasters we provide seo tools: On-page analyzer, keyword position, word counter...

Simple tools to make developing and webmastering.

Free SEO Tools

API Testing Tools For REST & SOAP Services

Do you need to test your rest or soap api? Use our rest and soap clients, and our mock REST API.

Tools for encode, decode and convert

Tools for web developers, in order to encode images or convert XML / JSON.

Other useful tool

The tools are provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, either express or implied.