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This avro reader allows to open avro file online (No limit, except that of your browser / Computer). You can open, read and view avro file, you can view the JSON contents of your file.

Your files are analyzed directly within the browser, without being sent to our servers, which means that no copies are created.

User Guide

How to open an Avro file and view its JSON contents online?:

  • Drag and drop your avro file or select them
  • The JSON contents are automatically displayed/shown

Avro viewer online

Avro is a data serialization format that is used to store and exchange data between applications. It is a compact, efficient, and binary format that is designed to support advanced data structures and dynamic typing.

Avro files include a schema that describes the structure of the data they contain, which allows data to be easily exchanged between applications written in different programming languages. Additionally, Avro supports schema evolution, which means that data can be modified over time while maintaining backward compatibility. This feature makes it particularly useful in big data processing applications where data structures are constantly evolving. Overall, Avro is a versatile and efficient format that can be used in a variety of applications for data serialization and exchange.

Avro files are binary files and cannot be viewed directly in a text editor.
However, the schema for an Avro file is stored in JSON format and can be viewed and edited in a text editor.

To view a avro file, it must be opened in a avro editor. This Avro reader allows to read avro file online, and see the contents of your file as a JSON. The data is thus readable.

This tool uses the library Avro for JavaScript.

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