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Format for HTML Entities:

This tool allows you to encode text to HTML entities and decode HTML entities to text.

User guide

If you want convert special characters to HTML entities, fill the "Text" editor below. You can choose the encoding format: hexadecimal or named (See the option "Format for HTML Entities").

If you want convert from HTML entities to text, fill the "HTML entities" editor below.

Copy and paste, drag and drop a text file or directly type in the editors below, and it will be automatically converted.

Click on "Browse text file" button in order to upload your text file to convert. Click on "Browse html entity file" button in order to upload your html entities file to convert.

Note: This tool only encode non-ASCII and unsafe characters.

About HTML Entity

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the standard markup language for creating web pages. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are often used together, and together form a triad of core technologies for the World Wide Web.

When should you use HTML entities?
Some characters are reserved in HTML, and must be replaced with character entities. Special characters can also be replaced by entities.
For example, character "<" is reserved in HTML, and must be encode (this character is used to surround the tags).

There are two formats for HTML Entities: &name; and &#number;
For example for & character : &amp; &#38;

Most programming languages provide a way to convert HTML entities (and reverse). For example, the htmlentities and html_entity_decode functions in PHP. This tool use the javascript API to encode and decode html entities.

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