XML Validator



This Free XML validator allows to find XML errors easily and quickly.It check that your XML file is well formed.This XML checker tool highlights and goes to line with a syntax error.

This validator does not check that your XML is conform to a particular XML schema or document type definition (DTD).
If you need this, you can use our XSD Validator.

User guide

To check XML syntax:

  • First, Drag and drop your XML file or copy / paste your XML text directly into the editor above.
  • Finally, you must click on "Check XML syntax" button to display if there is an syntax error.

You can copy or download your XML file once you have corrected it in the editor.

XML syntax validator

XML is a widely used language for representing data in a structured format. It is (was ?) a popular choice for data exchange between systems and applications due to its flexibility and ease of use.

However, as with any language, errors can occur in XML files. These errors can be due to syntax mistakes, inconsistencies in structure, or incorrect use of XML elements. This is where an XML validator and linter comes in handy :)

An XML validator is a tool that checks whether an XML document is well-formed.It verifies the structure and syntax of the XML document and ensures that all elements are properly closed and nested. It can also identify errors in the document that may cause problems during processing.

Using a tool to check the syntax of an XML file is all the more practical as the XML is large. Finding an error in a file of several thousand tags is almost impossible, and it would be very laborious ...especially if there is only one character that makes the xml invalid.

It uses the Fast XML Parser library.

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