JSON to CSV Converter





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This tool allows you to:

  • Convert JSON to CSV (Comma Separated Values)
  • Convert JSON to TSV (Tabulation Separated Values)
  • Convert JSON to Excel file
  • Convert CSV to JSON
  • Convert TSV to JSON
If you want there is also a CSV to Excel converter.

If you want convert JSON data: Your JSON should contain an array of objects. Each object must be consisting of name/value pairs.

If you want convert CSV data: The first line of the file must include a header with a list of the column names.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this online converter.

User guide

To convert JSON data:

  • Drag and drop your JSON file or copy / paste your JSON text directly into the editors above.
  • As soon as the editor detects a valid JSON, it displays the result.
  • In order to download the results you must click on "Download CSV" button.
  • In order to download the results in Excel file you must click on "Download Excel" button.
  • You can also copy the result to the clipboard by clicking on the button "Copy to clipboard".

To convert CSV data: It's analogous to the json conversion.

Above the editors, you can set the options:

  • Select the separator of CSV / TSV
  • Indicate whether to parse the numbers in CSV

Why convert CSV to JSON ?

CSV file format is a useful for import or export data from databases (example: import data from a CSV file into a table) or softwares. It is easy to use, data published on the Web is commonly published as CSV files.

For developers, it may be more convenient to work on data in json format, JSON format allow easily to send data to and from a server. Indeed you can find one or more robust and widely-used libraries for parsing and formatting JSON in any programming languages.

This online converter tool allows you to convert your CSV data directly into JSON format, so your data can more easily be processed.

Why convert JSON to CSV ?

A lot of software handles the json, but it can sometimes be useful to convert this data for importing in others softwares (many people use excel to visualize data).

This online converter tool allows you to convert your JSON file directly in CSV and Excel format.

Why convert JSON to Excel ?

Excel is a spreadsheet developed by Microsoft, it forms part of the Microsoft Office suite of software. It works on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS! There is a cloud version. It features calculation, graphing tools, ... and a macro programming language (VBA). Excel was developed in the 80s, and despite its age, it is still popular and heavily used!

As this tool is widely used in business, it can therefore be useful to have to visualize data in this software. Providing data directly in XLS format can make life easier for the person who needs to receive that data.

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