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This tool allows you to compare json online and visualize the json differences.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this JSON compare tool.

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User guide

This tool allows to compare two JSON online, and visualize the diff.

How to compare two JSON ?

Copy and paste, drag and drop a JSON file or directly type in the editors above, and they will be automatically compared if the two JSON are valids.
You can also click on "load JSON from URL" button to load your JSON data from a URL (Must be https).
You can also click on "Browse JSON file" button to load your JSON data from a local file.

You can also directly compare two JSON files by specifying their urls in the GET parameters url1 and url2.
Example: https://extendsclass.com/json-diff.html?url1=https://extendsclass.com/mock/rest/3b3aea6de65f5bd7576a1079bf9b6ec5/sample1.json&url2=https://extendsclass.com/mock/rest/3b3aea6de65f5bd7576a1079bf9b6ec5/sample2.json

Then you can visualize the differences between the two JSON documents. It highlights the elements which are different:

  • Different value between the two JSON: highlight in red color
  • Element only presents in a single JSON: highlight in yellow color

You can navigate to next / previous difference:

  • Clicks on "Next diff" button in order to go to the next difference
  • Clicks on "Previous diff" button in order to go to the previous difference

The last editor exclusively contains the diff between JSON. When a property differs, the difference contains the value of the first json.

Compare json online

JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a standardized file format using human-readable text for data transmission. Derived from JavaScript, it evolved into a language-independent data format, widely supported by programming languages for parsing.

Serving as a notable alternative to XML, JSON's simplicity and user-friendly structure have gained considerable popularity. Its concise syntax and lightweight nature contribute to its preference over XML's complexity. Transitioning from JSON to XML is akin to a backward step, rooted in JSON's streamlined design. This sentiment, common in the programming community, highlights the challenge of reverting to XML after experiencing the efficiency and ease of JSON (personal opinion ...).

When developing a REST API that utilizes the JSON format, it becomes essential to validate its response bodies to ensure the desired outcome. If manual verification is employed, it can quickly become a real challenge, especially when dealing with very voluminous JSON data.

An alternative approach for validating a JSON response involves utilizing a JSON schema (See the tool "JSON Schema Validator"). It may be relevant to use json schema to validate an API. This can be useful for detecting an error or regression in the response if it does not adhere to the format.

Online JSON compare tool

It can be helpful to compare two JSON, unfortunately it can be difficult to see the differences between large documents. This free online tool will allows you to do this easily.

JSON diff tool makes a semantic comparison, it compares every attribute–value pairs of objects. It compares each element according to their position in the arrays. It sorts and formats the JSON strings in order to find the semantic differences instead of just the text ones.

This tool is currently in beta and we would welcome your feedback, you can make comments.

Load JSON From URL
You can report a bug or give feedback by adding a comment (below) or by clicking "Contact me" link (at the top right hand corner of the page).


Your mom-2019-12-06 14:39
Would be nice if I had the choice to compare just keys and/or values.

Cyril (admin)-2019-12-06 22:58
Good idea, Thank you.

Spark-2022-05-13 21:47
Do we have this Feature now?

Mike Appreciates-2020-04-21 23:25
LOVE this tool's ability to align every matching element if it is at the same semantic level regardless of position.
Similar tools online don't handle alignment very well once they are missing a row on one side or the other.
I sort of agree with "your mom" comment about a checkbox to ignore when values are different, but technically, you already solved that issue by using two colors.
Tell your mom to ignore the red highlighting if she doesn't care when the values are different.

One added plus would be if you could expand the result windows to be taller or resizable - large JSON files make for a lot of scrolling.
Thank you for your work, and for sharing the tool.

Cyril (Admin)-2020-04-22 16:29
Thank you for your comment! I note the idea of enlarging the editor, it's relevant! Thank you.

Cyril (Admin)-2020-05-22 14:48
Hi, editors can now be enlarged :)

Blah-2020-04-22 11:29
Would be nice to have an option to ignore order in arrays

Cyril (Admin)-2020-04-22 16:27
Thank you for this interesting option.

Web Stranger-2020-05-18 05:05
It would be infinitely useful for me if you could add an option to generate a JSON containing only the diff elements (that dont exist in both JSONs inputted, so for example:

JSON 1: {"a": 1, "b": 2, "c": 3, "d": 4, "e": 5, "f": 6}
JSON 2: {"a": 1, "b": 2, "d": 4, "e": 5, "z": 0}
Output: {"c": 3, "f": 6, "z": 0}

Thank you!

Cyril (admin)-2020-05-18 14:29
Thank you for yur feedback, it is a interesting option.

Cyril (admin)-2020-05-19 23:13
It is done :)

Prasanna-2020-05-27 20:51
How can I compare hige JSON files its takign lot of time to load the JSON files

Cyril (Admin)-2020-06-01 18:00
Arf, I must optimize my tool ...

Navis Alfred Jerome-2020-06-10 17:39
Can we compare the JSON vs SOAP response?

Eshwar-2020-08-24 18:59
This is a great tool. It helped me a lot.

Is there any chance that it can be converted to jar, so that I just have to send the json and it will compare the two jsons and renders the Diff URL..?

r-2021-08-12 17:06
Would be great to be able to filter out the missing values from one list (i.e. if the value is no longer valid, have it removed from the output).

brantan-2021-11-27 18:53
Very useful one.

Mohit-2021-11-29 09:41
Can you do something to persist some JSON diff for sometime and provide a temp url. So that the diff can be shared with anyone easily by just sharing a link.

e-2022-08-26 11:48
Would be nice to have a "Clear" button, because now the easiest way to clear is to hit refresh. Useless load on your server.