JSON to Python online





This tool allows you to convert json to Python array and object. You can mix array with objects, the arrays can contain elements of the differents types.

A user guide is available below to help you use this code converter.

If you have any ideas for adding cool and useful options feel free to post it in the comments.

User guide

To convert JSON data to Python code:

  • Drag and drop your JSON file or copy / paste your JSON text directly into the editors above.
  • As soon as the editor detects a valid JSON, it displays the Python code.
  • In order to download the results you must click on "Download Python" button.
  • You can also copy the Python code to the clipboard by clicking on the button "Copy to clipboard".

This tool does not convert Python code to json.

Above the editors, you can set the options:

  • Variable name: The name of the variable which will contain the json data


Python is one of the most popular programming languages. It is a relatively straightforward programming language compared to many others.

What is Python used for? Python is one of the favourite languages for data scientists, it is often used in AI and machine learning projects. It is also used in Data visualization, Data analytics, Applications, ...

If you are using python and have some json data that you want to have as Python objects, the tool on this page can you be useful.

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