Parquet viewer


Your can also drag and drop your parquet file here.

This parquet reader allows to open parquet file online (Max. 10Mo). You can open, read and view parquet file, you can view the contents of your file directly as CSV.

Your files are deleted as soon as we have converted them to text format.

User Guide

How to open a Parquet file online (Parquet viewer):

  • Drag and drop your parquet file or select them
  • As soon as the tool detects a drag and drop or an upload, it converts to CSV in order to visualize it

Parquet viewer online

Parquet is a columnar storage format utilized by big data processing frameworks like Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop. It is specifically designed to optimize data storage and retrieval for analytical workloads, thereby reducing data size. Parquet file format can be useful for data analysis, machine learning, data mining, ...

However, due to its optimized design, Parquet files are not as easy to read. It is a binary format, which cannot be viewed in a text editor.

To view a parquet file, it must be opened in a parquet editor. This Parquet reader allows to read parquet file online, and see the contents of your file as a CSV. The data is thus readable.

This tool can troubleshoot, it allows you to quickly view what a file contains, and thus view the data it contains. It is not suitable for people who have to view parquet files in a recurring way, in this case, it is better to look for a plugin allowing you to view parquet files in your favorite editor.

This tool is in beta version, and has several limitations.
First of all, it is limited to 10MB Parquet files, so it is not possible to view large Parquet files.
Then, your files are sent to our servers, which induces a longer delay in viewing a parquet file.

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