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This XPath to CSS allows to convert XPath expressions to CSS selectors online.It is useful for those who know XPath but do not know CSS selector.

This converter does not manage all cases, you must consider the result of the conversion as a working basis, which allows you to give yourself an idea.The result should be corrected by you before using.

User guide

How to convert XPath to CSS Selector ?

  • Drag and drop your file, or copy and paste your text into the editor above.
  • Your Xpath expression is automatically converted to CSS Selector.
  • Click on "Download CSS" button to download the result.
  • You can also copy the CSS Selector to the clipboard by clicking on the button "Copy to clipboard".

XPath to CSS

Web developers often need to use locators for their tests, under Selenium for example.For this, there are different selection languages, such as XPath and CSS selector.

XPath and CSS selector are both useful tools in web development for selecting specific elements on a webpage, they are really handy for selecting elements in XML data. Both tools have their advantages and disadvantages, sometimes it may be easier to use one instead of the other.

XPath is a language used to traverse and select nodes in an XML document, including HTML. XPath exists since 1999 (2007 for the second version).
Advantages of XPath over CSS selectors:

  • Greater flexibility: XPath allows to search for elements using more complex criteria than CSS selectors (select elements based on their attribute values, their position, or the contents of their child elements).
  • More powerful axis selection: Wider range of axis selectors (search for elements in relation to their parent, sibling, or child nodes).
  • Support for non-HTML/XML documents: XPath can be used to navigate and extract information from a variety of XML-based documents (RSS feeds, SOAP messages ...).
  • More advanced expressions: XPath supports a wide range of expressions and functions that can be used to manipulate and transform the data in an XML or HTML document.This can be useful for extracting specific data or transforming the document into a different format.

CSS selector is a pattern used to match elements on an HTML document based on their attributes, classes, or IDs.CSS has been around since 1996.
Advantages of CSS selectors over XPath:

  • Simpler syntax: CSS selectors have a simpler syntax compared to XPath. CSS selectors use a combination of element names, classes, and IDs to select elements.
  • Better performance: In general, CSS selectors are faster than XPath expressions (CSS selectors are optimized for use in web browsers).
  • Easier to learn: Because of their simpler syntax, CSS selectors are easier to learn than XPath. This makes them a good choice for beginners or for simple selection tasks.
  • More intuitive selection: CSS selectors are designed to select elements based on their visual appearance or structure, which makes them more intuitive for selecting elements in a web page.

Caution: Please note that this converter is a beta version, it is currently limited and not be able to handle all possible XPath expressions.

This tool uses the "XPath to CSS" library.