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SQL query builder tool allows to create sql query online. you can generate Select statements without having SQL knowledge.

User guide

This tool is an easy to use SQL generator, you can easily create select statement online.

  • How to add a condition in my query?:

    • Click on the plus button in the filters section.
    • Set operator and operands.
    • Click the Done button.

  • How to add a sort in my query?:

    • Click on the plus button in the sorts section.
    • Set column and the sort order.
    • Click the Done button.

SQL generator

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a powerful programming language used for managing relational databases. However, it can also present significant challenges for those who are not well-versed in its syntax and functionality. One of the biggest difficulties of SQL is its complexity. It requires a good understanding of data structures, table relationships, ... Additionally, there are often multiple ways to approach a problem in SQL, which can be overwhelming for beginners.

This sql statement generator is a tool that helps non-developers to create SQL statements without the need for in-depth knowledge of the SQL syntax. It simplifies the process of constructing complex queries and reduces the risk of syntax errors. The non-developer can create and modify queries quickly and easily.

This query builder helps you to create Select statement. You can create select query which contains several filters and/or sorts. It is a beta release. I will improve it over time to add complexity to the generated queries. For now, there are a lot of limitations.