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Your can also drag and drop your TAR archives here.

This tar to zip converter is a free online tool that allows to easily convert tar to zip online.

Your files remain locally in your browser, they are not sent to our servers.

Usage limits:

  • There is no limitation on the number of conversions.
  • No registration / No installation required

User Guide

How to convert TAR archive to ZIP archive:

  • Drag and drop your TAR files or select them
  • Your files will be automatically converted
  • In order to download a ZIP file you must click on the file name.

Convert TAR to ZIP files

Tar is a common file format used in Unix-based operating systems to archive multiple files into a single file, while zip is a popular file format used for data compression and archiving.

This converter is designed to convert TAR files to ZIP files. It is useful for anyone who need to convert files from one archive format to another, or who need to share or transfer files between different operating systems. Sometimes on some servers it does not have the tools to decompress certain compression formats. In this case, it may be useful to convert to another compression format (thus it keep the advantage of data size).

The process of converting a tar archive to a zip file is very straightforward. You simply need to upload your tar archive, and the tool will automatically convert it to a zip file.

This tool allows you to convert your file directly online, you do not need to install compressors (tar) / decompressors (zip).

About libraries

This tool uses zip.js and tarball.

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