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This tool allows to beautify react source code online.

There is no file size limit, and your files are not sent to server side (they remain in your browser).

User guide

How to format React code:

Fill the editor:

  • Copy and paste your React code
  • Drag and drop your react file
  • Directly type in the editor
  • Browse your file ("Browse" button)
  • Load a react file from a URL Browse your file ("Load from URL" button)

Click on "Beautify" button in order to format your code.

Click on "Download" or "Copy to clipboard" buttons to retrieve your formatted code.


React is a free JavaScript library developed by Facebook in 2013 (The web giants spoil us). It is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.
If I take what they say on the official website: "React makes it painless to create interactive UIs". Creating responsive graphical interfaces is not easy in vanilla javascript. React provides valuable assistance in creating complex graphical interfaces. It allows to create single page app.

The success of React is only growing. Since January 2015, the library has been adopted by several of a large web companies: Netflix, Twitter, WordPress, ...

React has several advantages:

  • The content is referenceable: the code can be generated on the server side!
  • Reusable components: React is based on reusable, testable and combinable components.
  • JavaScript: The react code is easily understandable for all developers who already develop in JavaScript.
  • And many more...

    Website of React.

Why Format React Code?

As with all languages, it is necessary to format its code to make it more understandable. Reading unformatted code can be a real pain sometimes (I have mean colleagues haha...). As soon as we work with several people, it is really necessary.

This tool can troubleshoot. But for a professional project, it is necessary to set up this formatting directly on the workstation.

For now, the available options are really limited (Only one option...). If you think of an interesting option, please indicate it in a comment.

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