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Your can also drag and drop your parquet file here.

This parquet converter allows to convert parquet file to CSV (Max. 10Mo).

Your files are sent to the server, they are deleted as soon as they are converted.

User Guide

How to convert a Parquet file to CSV:

  • Drag and drop your parquet file or select them
  • As soon as the tool detects a drag and drop or an upload, it converts to CSV

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Parquet is a columnar storage format that is commonly used in big data processing frameworks such as Apache Spark and Apache Hadoop.

Parquet files help to minimize data size, they are designed to optimize data storage and retrieval for analytical workloads. But as a result, they are not as readable as CSV files. Unlike a CSV, it is not a plain text file, it cannot be opened in a simple text editor. By converting the data into CSV format, they are thus easily readable.

This tool is a Parquet converter, it allows you to visualize your parquet file as a CSV file. The data is thus readable.

Why convert a Parquet file?

There are several reasons why you might want to convert a Parquet file to a CSV file:

  • Compatibility: While Parquet is an efficient storage format for big data processing frameworks, CSV is a widely supported format that can be opened in many different tools. Converting a Parquet file to a CSV file can make it easier to work with the data in other tools that do not support Parquet.
  • Data portability: CSV is a plain text format, which means it can be easily transferred between different systems and platforms. This can be useful if you need to share data with other people or teams who may not have access to the same big data processing frameworks as you.
  • Data visualization: Many data visualization tools, such as Microsoft Excel, can easily import CSV files. By converting a Parquet file to a CSV file, you can quickly and easily visualize the data in a spreadsheet or dashboard.
  • Smaller datasets: While Parquet is designed to optimize storage efficiency for large datasets, CSV files can be more appropriate for smaller datasets. Converting a Parquet file to a CSV file can be useful if you only need to work with a subset of the data, or if you need to perform operations that are not well-suited for columnar storage.

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