SQLite browser online


This SQLite browser allows you to create, open, query, update, export SQL to CSV, save and share a SQLite database.This SQLite viewer online runs directly in your browser.

It is Open source :), you can download the source code here (the repository is not up to date, as soon as I have time, I will update it!).Feel free to improve this tool :)It is still quite new, I hope to improve it over time.

User guide

This db browser for SQLite allows you to run SQLite online. You can show, insert, update and delete tables content without knowing SQL.

  • Load a SQLite database:

    Drag and drop your SQLite file directly into the SQLite editor or click on "Database file > Open DB file" to open your SQLite database.

  • Show and manipulate a table:

    You can select a table in order to display and manipulate its content (1).Click on refresh button (2) in order to update tables list.

    Select SQLite table and view

    Clicks on "Browse" to display table content.All the rows of the table are displayed. You have the possibility to sort the results according to any of the columns of the table (up and down triangles).

    You can delete a row by clicking on the associated cross.

    You can also directly update a column value by double clicking it. An input will be appear, the row will be updated when the input lose the focus.

    You can export table content into CSV file by clicking on "Export CSV file". You can choice separator.

    You can also add new row into table by clicking on "Insert a row". A insert form will be appear.

    Click on "structure" tab to display the SQL of the current table.

    Import a CSV file into SQLite table:

    Click on "Import CSV file" to import your CSV / TSV file into a SQLite table.

    Select SQLite table and view

  • Show a view:

    To show the contents of a view: this is analogous to displaying the contents of a table.

  • Execute queries:

    Enter your SQL query in the editor, finally click on "Run" to execute it. The query result will be displayed below the editor .

    You can also run only one query entered in the editor. To do this, simply select it before clicking on "Run".

    If you want to export the results in csv format, click on "Export".

    Code editor
  • Export your SQLite database:

    Click on "Database file > Save DB file" to export your database into a SQLi file.

  • You can save your SQLite database and queries in order to share it. Your SQLite database will be saved on our server.You can protect your share with a password, so only you can change it.
    See "Save and Share" menu to share and save your SQLite database.

    Share SQLite db

  • The sql queries entered in the editor are saved so that you will find them during your next visits.
    Warning, this is a local backup in your browser, it can be deleted at any time.

  • Create a SQLite database:

    This tool allows you to easily create a SQLite database, there is nothing to do! You can directly execute SQL queries in the editor to manipulate your database.

  • Autocomplete:

    Ctrl-space for autocomplete.

SQLite Online

This SQLite viewer allows you to open SQLite file online in order to create, query, and edit SQLite database files.It is useful for developers wanting to query a database file,it can help test and debug data from a sqlite database.This SQLite playground can also be useful for non-developers. For example to edit browser bookmarks.

This SQL viewer online allows you to make SQL online test, you can SQL practice online.Thanks to sharing mode, you can be several to test an online SQL database.

This small tool is useful and allows not to have to install a fat client for occasional use. For everyday use, a fat client may seem more appropriate.

You do not have to know the SQL commands to use this tool.

Online SQL editor

This tool does not require installation, it is totally online, you can make SQL online.Just have a simple browser to use it!It can help to make tests quickly or when it is not possible to install software on its server.

About SQLite

SQLite is not directly comparable to client/server SQL database engines (PostgreSQL, MySQL, ...).SQLite provides local data storage for applicationswhile client/server SQL database engines implements a shared repository of data.

SQLite is an embedded SQL database engine. Data are contained in a single disk file, SQLite reads and writes directly to disk files.SQLite is cross-platform!

SQLite has a full-featured SQL implementation (Tables, indexes, triggers, SELECT, UPDATE, DELELE, VACUUM ...).

SQLite is public domain, it is free to everyone to use for any purpose,it is the most used database engine in the world!

There are several appropriate uses for SQLite:

To see more visit https://www.sqlite.org/

About SQLite compiled to javascript (sql.js)

sql.js is a port of SQLite to JavaScript by compiling the SQLite C code with Emscripten, it is MIT licensed. It can be used like any javascript library. And it can be used both in a browser and in Node.js!Thanks to this, this tool is only executed on the browser side.

sql.js allows you to easily import and export SQLite databases.

	SELECT account.id, SUM(invoice.amount) 
	FROM account 
		JOIN invoice ON account.id = invoice.accountId 
	WHERE account.id > 10 
	GROUP BY account.id 
	HAVING SUM(invoice.amount) > 100.00 
	ORDER BY account.id ASC, account.type DESC 
	LIMIT 1000 OFFSET 100;

A few words on Emscripten: It is a source-to-source compiler, this allows applications and libraries designed to run as standard executables to be integrated into client side web applications. Emscripten has been used to port (in addition to SQLite) Unreal Engine 3, Qt application framework, ...

A full documentation is available.

Save SQLite database
Your SQLite database has been permanently saved and you (or anybody) can access with this link:
Choice a password to modify/delete this SQLite database later Enter password to modify this SQLite database.Enter password to delete this SQLite database.Enter the new password for the fork.
Save and Share
Save this SQLite database (and queries) in order to share it (Max: approximately 2 Mo).
Be careful, the data will be accessible to everyone, please do not save sensitive data.
You can report a bug or give feedback by adding a comment (below) or by clicking "Contact me" link (at the top right hand corner of the page).


Anonymous-2018-09-11 15:49
thaaank You Best web Site :)

Cyril (admin)-2018-09-13 16:23
Thank you for the encouragement ;)

Carlo Bertelli-2019-11-30 18:02
Hello, a very nice solution. Thanks. I have two problems: 1. We use Spatialite to spatially enable SQLite databases and geometric functions are not recognised and give an error; 2. This view and others, well recognized by recent SQLite versions, gives and error. An example: CREATE VIEW rnet_v_aggregazioni_t_scale ( oss_cod_civico, n_aggregazioni, civ_x, civ_y ) AS SELECT oss_cod_civico, sum(aggregazione), civ_x, civ_y FROM ( SELECT c.oss_cod_civico, CASE WHEN (a.riferimento IS NULL) THEN 0 ELSE 1 END aggregazione, c.civ_x, c.civ_y FROM rnet_aggregazioni a LEFT JOIN y_civici_edifici c ON a.riferimento = c.oss_cod_civico WHERE a.classe_rif = 'SAC01' ) alias_113336431 GROUP BY oss_cod_civico, civ_x, civ_y ;

Cyril (admin)-2019-11-30 19:27
Hello, Thanks :) Spatialite is an extension of SQLite, this tool does not have this extension, sorry. This tool does not allow to indicate columns in "create view" statement. You must remove "(oss_cod_civico,n_aggregazioni,civ_x,civ_y)" for this to work. Regards,

priyanka-2020-12-07 07:54
My database is showing malfunction error. can you help me for the same

Cyril (Admin)-2020-12-10 21:49
Hi, with Sqlite 3.29 a new .recover command has been introduced (CLI)

william Bell-2021-11-07 23:19
Is it possible to embed the jscript in a page by fetching it from a (local) Windows folder without using machinery like require that involves a server?

Would be very useful to me if one can. Lovely piece of work.