Lua online


Lua code


Lua tester allows to test Lua code Online without install, all you need is a browser. You can try your Lua code easily and quickly before downloading it.

/!\ Missing features:

  • - io lib
  • - os.remove/rename/tmpname/execute
  • - debug.debug()
  • - Weak tables
  • - d__gc metamethods

This Lua sandbox uses fengari-web. It provides anything you need to run Lua in the browser, it is an interesting project!

How to execute Lua code online

To execute Lua code:

  • First, Drag and drop your py file or copy / paste your code directly into the editor above.
  • Finally, you must click on "Run" button to display the result.

Lua test online

Lua online is a convenient and user-friendly web-based platform designed for testing Lua code snippets effortlessly. If you are just starting to explore this lightweight scripting language, it offers a hassle-free environment to experiment with your code.

It provides a clean and intuitive interface where you can write Lua scripts, execute them in real-time, and instantly see the results.