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Find on this page practical resources dedicated to developers. The purpose of this page is to share resources useful to developers. It can be interesting libraries, tools or blogs (or any other resource that seems relevant). The number of resources presented is limited but should increase gradually over time.

This page is not intended to be exhaustive by listing all available resources.

Moesif: API Monitoring and Analytics

There are several useful tools to help you manage your system when you provide a REST API.

Moesif allows you to monitor your API traffic to detect bugs and analyze client usage on your API.

IMPORTFROMWEB for Google Sheets

IMPORTFROMWEB is an add-on for Google Sheets that retrieves any content from any webpage into a sheet. It handles java-script-powered websites and can pass through anti-scraping fences.

To use IMPORTFROMWEB, just type the function with the urls, the xpaths of the elements to retrieve and optional regular expressions to clean up the output. It returns the results of the xpaths for each url.

You can install it on Google Sheets here:

SyncProxy: Sync your SQL/NoSQL databases and offline mobile apps

SyncProxy is an online synchronization proxy which links securely your offline mobile apps and your SQL or NoSQL backend.


Super Javascript

SuperJavascript is a website dedicated to Javascript. It provides tutorials for people who want to learn JavaScript.




LinuxTechlab is beginner friendly blog, you can learn Linux. Many tutorials can help you become a Linux PRO :)

LinuxTechLab blog.



Tudip is an extreme value providing IT Services technology company that provides Product Engineering (Web application development), Digital Transformation, Testing Automation, Mobility Solutions both Hybrid and Native, Product Re-engineering, 24*7 IT Support, DevOps, IOT, Cloud services to clients ranging from Billion Dollar companies like Google to early-stage startups.



Selenium for testing web applications

Selenium is an open source framework for testing web applications. Selenium has the support of some browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer ...) and operating systems (Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, Linux)! Moreover, it can be controlled by many programming languages (C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, ...).

It allows you to create robust, browser-based regression automation suites.

I use Selenium WebDriver for testing :)

You can visit the official website of selenium.

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