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JPEG Image resizer and compressor

This tool allows you to compress and resize your JPG/JPEG images. There is no limit, you can compress as many photos as you want.

Choose your compression

Choose your resizing (optional)

width height

This tools keeps the same aspect ratio to the original image, enter only one of the two values (width or height).
If the width option is set, the height option will be ignored.

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Compress JPEG images

This free optimization tool allows to reduce JPG / JPEG file size online. Your images are not uploaded to our servers, the compression is done directly in the browser.

It can be useful to optimize your images for SEO and speed in order to increase conversion rates. The faster your pages load, the better your results in organic search rankings.

There are three major formats for web images: GIF, PNG and JPEG.
JPEG produces smaller files, it loses some of the image's details (lossy format).
PNG is a lossless format (does not lose any details).
This tools allows to compress only JPEG image.

About image compressor

It is a javascript image compressor, and it allows to precompress a client image file before upload it.

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