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JavaScript Minifier

This tool allows you to minify and compress your JavaScript code, it removes all extra white spaces, newlines, comments, useless code and optimizes variable names.

Copy and paste, drag and drop a JS file or directly type in the "Your JavaScript code" editor below.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this JavaScript minifier.

Your JavaScript code

Minified JavaScript

User guide

Fill "Your JavaScript code" editor with your JavaScript source code. You have several possibilities:

  • Copy and paste your JavaScript code
  • Drag and drop your JavaScript file
  • Directly type in the "Your JavaScript code" editor

Click on "Export minified JavaScript" button in order to download minified JavaScript.

Click on "Copy minified JavaScript" button in order to copy minified code to clipboard.

Why minify JavaScript ?

Minification is the process of removing all unnecessary characters in order to reduce or compress JavaScript code, in order to decrease the JavaScript file size.

JavaScript minifier is a SEO tool which can help boost your site speed (It is a SEO factor).

We use the UglifyJS 3 library. This library is advised by google!

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