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XPath Tester

This online tool allows you to test your XPath expressions / queries against an XML string or file.

You can see example XPath expression to help you to find your Xpath query.

You can see the user guide to help you to use this XPath tester.

Your XPath expression

Your XML string


User guide

In order to test your XPath expression, you must:

  • Fill "Your XPath expression" editor
  • Fill "Your XML string" editor
The result will be automatically generated and available in the "Results" editor.

To fill "Your XML string" editor, you can:

  • Copy and paste your XML string
  • Drag and drop your XML file
  • Click on "Browse XML file" button in order to load your XML file
  • Directly type your XML string in the editor

This tool does not support the XPath functions (number(), string(), string-length() ...).

About XPath

XML Path Language (XPath) is a query language for selecting nodes from a XML data. It is based on a tree representation of the XML, and allows to select nodes.

XPath Examples

Select the tools element /tools
Select all tool elements which are direct children of the tools element /tools/tool
Select all tool elements without taking into account the tree //tool
Select the second tool element //tool[position() = 2]
Select the value attribute of all tool elements without taking into account the tree //tool/@value
Select the tool element which has the id attribute value of 1 //tool[@id=1]

This tool uses document.evaluate function to test your XPath query.

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